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With our proprietary mobile-first 3D rendering engine, we can develop richer and higher quality 3D visualization apps for industries that demand it.

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Toyota Vios

This mobile application showcases the new Toyota VIOS to potential buyers in the Southeast Asia region. Features include a digital catalogue with 360° views of the car and an interactive interface where users can change aesthetic details of the exterior and interior features.

Customized for Toyota Vios

360° View
Brings the showroom to the customer

Customize In & Out
Allows feature selection for faster decision and purchase

BMW All Access

This mobile application was developed to celebrate the BMW Asia Group-sponsored Singapore Arts Festival, sharing a passion for performance and innovation to visitors at the Esplanade. By scanning specific posters in designated "Art Spots," users were able to view additional artistic performances on their mobile devices. This allowed them access to exclusive videos presented through the magic of augmented reality.

Customized for BMW Access

Augmented Reality
Delivers the product and message through virtual reality

Custom Videos
Customers can select details for faster decision & purchase

ADDIS 2050 - Architectural and
Urban Augmented Reality (AR) Model

There were two applications developed for ETH Zurich to launch the ADDIS 2050 exhibition at the Future Cities Lab: Augmented Reality Model of SICU (architectural scale) and the Urban Model application.

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AR in 5 Steps

Augmented Reality Model of SICU (architectural scale) shows the evolution of a house from build to use over a 10 year period. The user is able to “walk through” the different stages of architectural development through a touch screen interface.

AR Shows the Future

The Urban Model application envisions the future of one of the central piazzas in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It enables the augmented reality version of the static model of the piazza, showing the possible growth and environmental interaction of the area in the year 2050.

Larisa Lobanova

For Ukrainian fashion designer Larisa Lobanova, success depends on keeping her current clothing lines in front of industry buyers and influencers. We designed, prototyped and tested an interactive tablet app that enhances the experience of the catwalk by bringing her designs to life through 3D imagery and videos.

Customized for
Larisa Lobanova

360° View
Brings the front row of the catwalk to users anywhere


The Human Resource Management app for Hive was developed to bring efficiency to HR operation and processes. The app calculate sales and commissions, determines payroll taxes, generate pay slips as well as reports that can be submitted to governmental agencies. The mobility of this tool means the business can perform HR administration anytime, anywhere.

Customized For Go To Guys PTE LTD

Keep up with the company’s unique trends and patterns

Location features give instant info on remote employees

Beyond Planet Earth

The American Museum of Natural History exhibited this augmented reality phone app, which featured 3D models and animations of the museum's space exploration exhibits. The interactivity and visitor experience was enhanced through an icon collection challenge, in which users could "collect" a series of themed icons after viewing the museum displays.

Customized for
Beyond Planet Earth

Augmented Reality
Exhibits enhanced by customized AR models

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